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Making HATS!

So my hat experiment got sidetracked by October. Since I’ve been back from the wedding, I’ve been hunkered down in my room making as many hats as I can for these two shows. I blocked 12 (TWELVE) hats last week and discovered a new and fascinating thing about hatmaking: six hats in one night is my limit. I found myself, at 1am, staring at a soaking wet bit of yellow felt wondering what to do with it, and realizing

I really was working on all these at the same time.

I’d been sitting in that exact position and wondering that same thing for the past 5 minutes without blinking. “Ok, then: time for bed.” Good to know. Anyhow, I knocked out a few things for the Last Minute Halloween Costume Sale (yes, that is a Smurf hat you see), revisited some old hats that needed

I now officially have more hats than I have places to put them.

improvements, and threw in a couple new versions of old familiar designs

which I’m pretty excited about (for instance, after watching it sit on my pile of felt for two years, I FINALLY got to use that wonderful cow-print beaver hood).

Oh, and I had to make a rodeo clown costume for my boyfriend. Oh, and am I dressing up for Halloween too? Gosh..

Anyway my apologies both for the sparseness of my posts and the tardiness of the last two Hat Experiment Hats (sorry, Swenyu and Rae). I’ll get back to those this weekend. Up next: the debut of Chiara’s hat.


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